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Sandokai 2021 – Talk 6 – April All Day Sitting

By: Norman Fischer, Zoketsu Norman Fischer | 04/24/2021
In Topics: Other Zen and General Buddhist Studies, Suzuki roshi

Norman gives his sixth talk of a series on the Sandokai,  “The Harmony of Difference and Sameness”  (or “Merging of Difference and Equality”) to the Dharma Seminar at the April 2021 All Day Sitting. The Sandokai is a poem written by eighth  Chinese Zen  ancestor Sekito Kisen (700-790) and is a fundamental text of the Soto school of Zen.  Norman will be referencing commentaries by Shohaku Okumura (Living by Vow) and Suzuki Roshi (Branching Streams Flow in the Darkness). 

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