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from “Success” – Sunday, 27 May

By: Norman Fischer | 05/01/2006
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Norman reads from his book “Success” at an event at U. Penn

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Rain all day today unseasonable
Fate to know doom’s a real possibility
But not anything that could actually happen
As anything actually happens
People I used to know not here now
Always the possibility they could appear
In my ear
Pouring rain all day, lovely
All soaked and running everywhere
In the movie
You forget about everything
In the dark for a minute
Trying to get out of
What you cannot get out of
Except just now in the movie
It would be possible not to accept the arrangements
To make a career out of that
People with complicated jobs
Want to do them so later they can do what they
Really want to do
Later which they never do
Because later they don’t want to
In the way they imagined they would beforehand
Not realizing that among all the things that change
Is them
Has to do with diet
Why it rains when it’s not supposed to
It never rains in California in May

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