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from “Success” – Monday, 11 June

By: Norman Fischer | 05/01/2006
Location: University of Pennsylvania
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Norman reads a poem from his book “Success”

Let all aggressors arrive with a clash
Without any tears or towels to
Dry them
And anyone who points to a peace
That ties us all around together
In a bliss of unityĆ¹let that one
Sink beneath the edge of clouds
For the impossibility of what he brings
For there will be never no end to aggression
As long as we think there ever can be
Let us therefore embrace
All ash and tong and pile of fire
As the cleansing of eye and mind
(And not even think that this
Has not been done or said before
In exactly this way though it’s not
Before done a whit of good
In any way for anyone)
And bring these clean to what we say
To those we love
Or the morning smile of greeting
Or the look of the sky or feeling
At the looking at a flower
Or bird
At last lets have silence
Which neither burns nor is blunt
And cannot be referred to
Order the fragments of our days

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