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Dogen’s Mana Shobogenzo Case 102 – “Baizhang’s Fox.” Also Book of Serenity 8, Gateless Barrier (Mumonkan) 2

By: Chris Fortin, Zoketsu Norman Fischer | 1/19/2022
Location: Online in Zoom
In Topics: Dogen Studies, Zen Koans

Chris Fortin a Norman Fischer both speak to the Dharma Seminar on “Baizhang’s Fox” Mana Shobogenzo case 102; also Book of Serenity case 8, and Gateless Barrier (Mumonkan) 2. In this series Norman is referencing  John Daido Loori’s book “The Tue Dharma Eye – Zen Master Dogen’s Three Hundred Koans.”

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