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Ninso John High, Scrolls of a Temple Sweeper


I am happy to tell you about an extraordinary soon-coming poetry book, Scrolls of a Temple Sweeper, by long-time Everyday Zen community member, the amazing poet Ninso John High.

I have known and practiced with John closely for many decades and, what’s fun for me, many of the phrases and dharma words I have shared with him over the years are secretly embedded in this text.

Scrolls of a Temple Sweeper is the most Zen-inflected work of the imagination I have ever read.

It brings the mystery, pain, and majesty of the religious path vividly and imaginatively to life, through the strange adventures of its many amazing characters.

It’s a poem in the form of a novel, a novel in the form of a poem.

And it’s an art book — including many color prints of Zen enso paintings that John has made as he’s traveled around the world while writing the Scrolls.

I can tell you from experience that making poetry like this is not a highly rewarding commercial endeavor. So I am grateful to Thoreau Lovell and the team at Wet Cement Press for bringing out this truly amazing work.

To help pay the costs of production, Wet Cement Press (WCP) is issuing a collector’s edition of the Scrolls. Please click on the button below (or to the right) for a more thorough description of the text and information about how you can order the special edition. I hope you will feel inspired to help. Enjoy!



Note: The Collector’s Edition is no longer available. But you can now purchase the paperback edition available from Wet Cement Press.

Click the button below to learn more at Wet Cement Press.

Scrolls of a Temple Sweeper, Paperback Edition