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Names for Memorial Service

In place of the regular evening service on Saturday, we will hold a memorial service for loved ones who have died this past year.

On this form, we invite you to add the names of personal loved ones of yours who have died in the past year and who you would like to have remembered in this service. With respect, please do not include natural disasters, large groups of people, or pets.

Before adding a name, please check the names below to avoid duplication.

We will chant these names during the memorial service.

This form is closed to allow the inos time to prepare the list for service.

Thank you.


Safe Passage List


All who have died from the Covid-19 virus, from any form of violence, all who have died from natural disasters, And for…

Denny Waxman
Lesli Delia Paredes Bravo
David Goines
Renee Chung
Donald Dillbeck
Penelope Potter Saxe
Lisa Layne
Paul Farber