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Norman Fischer, Men in Suits: A Poem

Norman Fischer’s Men in Suits is profound and important and necessary. Multiple levels of discourse convey innumerable meanings, yet each meaning is grounded in a fierce sense of what it means to be truly human, and how so many, in so many spheres, neglect humanity. Fischer’s language, which includes the words of Lear and Dr. Johnson, is engaging and awe-inspiring but always returns us, often through free fall, to a scathing critique of society and its perpetrators of injustice (and their victims). Fischer sees the world feelingly, and makes darkness visible by carefully depicting the interrelationships between guns, grief, rage, power, helplessness, money, capitalism, un-living, death: categories far too prominent, within the lexicon of contemporary America.

—Christopher Sawyer-Laucanno, poet, translator and biographer, author of Remission, Mussoorie-Montague Miscellany, and many more.

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