Everyday Zen’s COVID Protocols

Everyday Zen aims to provide a safe environment for all and to mitigate infection risk. Nevertheless, there are inherent risks associated with any gathering. With this in mind, our Everyday Zen Covid Safety Group, and in accordance with the CDC, state and local guidelines, has developed the following protocols.

Sesshin at Santa Sabina

In person participants in the Everyday Zen Sesshin 2023 at Santa Sabina agree to:

  • Undergo Lucira testing for Covid on the day of arrival to the sesshin. Tests will be provided, and may be administered, by volunteers of Everyday Zen.
  • Wear a properly fitting mask indoors. Presenters may unmask while speaking. Masking requirements may change with viral transmission conditions. Participants will be notified of such changes.
  • Complete a contact information sheet for Santa Sabina.

Dharma Seminar at Community Congregational Church, Tiburon

Following the recommendations of the Everyday Zen Covid Safety Group, and in accordance with the CDC, state and local guidelines:

  1. In-person participants should be fully vaccinated and boosted for Covid and vaccinated for seasonal flu.
  2. The requirement for at-home testing of attendees has been suspended at this time for events except for all-day sittings at Green Gulch Farm where testing is required. 
  3. A well fitting KN95, N95 or equivalent mask must be worn indoors at all times (cloth masks are not permitted). The event leaders may be unmasked while speaking and chanting. They will test for Covid in the morning and maintain distancing while speaking. 
  4. If you experience a new onset of fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, loss of smell or taste, sneezing, sinus congestion; test positive for Covid; or have had exposure to someone with a known diagnosis of Covid or flu within 5 days of the gathering, please do not attend in person. 

All-Day Sittings at Green Gulch Farm

At Green Gulch Farm, participants are required to follow the protocols of the host venue, provided on the registration page for the All-Day Sittings.