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Celebrating the Voices of Women in Buddhism

The Soto Zen Buddhist Association is offering a series throughout 2024, Celebrating the Voices of Women in Buddhism; Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.

The series will include dharma talks, panels and intimate conversation with Buddhist women and teachers with the intention of cultivating a broader, more holistic attitude and celebration of women’s roles and contributions in contemporary sangha practice and leadership.

The series begins January 14 with a day-long workshop led by Dr Paula Arai on “Bowing to Lotuses Blooming in the Mud: Gratitude as an agent for change.” Everyday Zen’s Sue Moon is featured in a panel on “The Body as Doorway for Our Zen Practice” in March .

The monthly offerings are open to all, and include hybrid and online. Stay tuned for more information. You can also inquire with Everyday Zen’s Chris Fortin and Jaune Evans.

Celebrating the Voices of Women in Buddhism