Posted 1 year ago

Applications for Practice Period 2021 are now closed. For more information, please see Bay Area Practice Period 2021.

You might want to compose your answers in another application, then copy and paste them here. This form will not save until you click the “submit” button. Please keep your responses to each question under 800 characters (about 100 words). A copy of your completed Application will be emailed back to you once you submit the form. Suggested donation for the Practice Period is $100.

PLEASE NOTE: We have received reports that in some cases the submitted form does not resolve to a success message. We believe we have resolved the issue, but please know that in any case, we *are* receiving these applications! If you are unsure if yours submitted, please first:

  • Check that there’s no error on the form — a missing answer on a required question or a badly formed phone number. The form will not submit if there’s an error so you’ll need to scroll up to find and correct the error.
  • Search your email account (including your spam folder) for a confirmation email from “”

If you are unable to find the confirmation email, or have other questions on the form, please email Laura Trippi. Thank you!

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