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DRAFT: Information for the Inos

Inos & Registrar: Questions from the form below will be included in the checkout step of the sesshin registration and payment process. It will be displayed below the Billing Information panel.

Please review the questions and instructions and send Laura notes and edits.

If you’d like to understand the context, follow the links below to step through the workflow from 2023. The introduction, product descriptions, and data on pricing have NOT YET been updated for 2024, but draft questions from the form below are being added as I write this.

After we get your input on the “Info for the Inos” form, we will update all of this. You will be asked to review the 2024 version before invitations to register go out. Thank you!

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Information for the Inos

Open & Complete Application

For information about Santa Sabina, please visit the Santa Sabina Center website. For questions about sesshin, please contact the registrars at For technical issues, please contact Laura at