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Spring Sesshin: Documents & Links

On Monday evening, March 28, we gather in person and together on Zoom for our 18th annual Everyday Zen Sesshin. This will be our first ever hybrid sesshin and the first to be held in the spring instead of in the fall.

On this page, you will find the Zoom link and password along with links to the Everyday Zen Chant Book, the Daily Schedule, Notes on Sesshin Adapted for Zoom (hybrid), and Request Forms for dokusan (interview) and practice discussion. 

Please bookmark this page for easy access during sesshin so that we can keep chat to a minimum.

Final Morning Schedule

On Sunday morning, we will again rise in time to sit zazen with the in-person sangha at 6:00 am (PT). Then, at 6:30, we will part ways as they prepare for the Shosan Ceremony, sometimes called the Inquiry and Response ceremony. Out of respect for the intimate nature of this ceremony, and the constraints of our Zoom connection, we will not participate in or witness this ceremony.

Instead, we will have a period of kinhin, followed by a Closing Circle during which all are invited to share their experiences of this sesshin.

5:30 Wake up
6:00 Zazen
6:30 Zoom channel changes to Gallery View: Kinhin
6:40 Zoom channel (in Gallery View): Closing Circle and Bow Out

First Evening Schedule

The Zoom sesshin zendo will open at 6:00 pm (PT) on Monday, March 28. This will allow you time to create your space, get yourself settled, and test your equipment before the Zendo camera comes on for the first sitting between 7:00 and 7:15.

An orientation, one period of zazen, and the Pali Refuges will complete the evening by 9:00pm (PT).

Zoom sesshin will end Sunday, April 3rd at noon (PT).

Daily Schedule

If you will need to modify the schedule because of work, the time difference, or for other reasons, please do so in advance. During sesshin, we ask that you do your best to keep to the schedule you created for yourself and come on time to all events.

If you are having Zoom fatigue, please leave your camera focused on your altar or turn your camera off. Staying online helps support the sangha. Please feel free however to log off during meals and work periods. If you are exhausted or ill and can’t attend a sitting, please rest and come back refreshed. But do try to keep to the schedule you committed to at the start.

Whether you will be participating full time or on a part-time schedule, please also extend the intention and container of sesshin to the rest of your days.

Please join Zoom on mute and stay on mute throughout sesshin. Screen sharing and individual Chat will be disabled. Chat to Everyone will be available to allow for general messages from the Registrar or Jisha.

The Registrar and Jisha will be available by email during meal breaks and work periods for individual questions or messages:

Setting up your Practice Space

  • Wear comfortable dark clothing for sitting.
  • Consider placing your monitor and/or web camera for optimal lighting and audio in your space.
  • Determine what sitting arrangement is best for you: chair or zafu/zabuton.
    Consider creating an altar near your seat to help you maintain concentration.
  • If the altar can be placed so that it is visible on Zoom, this will help support the spirit of sesshin for other Zoom participants.

Dokusan and Practice Discussion

For practice discussion, four senior teachers will be available to meet with Zoom participants throughout sesshin: Alan Block, Chris Fortin, Jaune Evans, and Jeff Bickner.

Norman will offer dokusan with Zoom attendees later in the week, as time allows. Priority will be given to in-person attendees. He will make every effort to see everyone on Zoom who requests to meet with him but this might not be possible.

To request dokusan or practice discussion, please use the forms linked to on the upper right (or below, on mobile devices). For questions about dokusan or practice discussion, please email our jisha, Judy Fleischman


Sesshin teachings are offered freely, without charge. A contribution (dana) to support the teacher and our shared practice environment is the custom and greatly appreciated.

We encourage you to donate online.


Thank you.

Have a good sesshin.