Changing and being changed by the world.
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At Everyday Zen, we welcome new members at any time. There are many ways to get started, whether you’re experienced in study or new to Zen practice:


Practice Period 2021

Sept 18 – Nov 20

Our 17th Annual Bay Area Practice Period, on Zoom, is drawing to a close. The final All-Day Sit on Nov 20th is open for anyone to join, as is the final Dharma Seminar. Practice Period participants are encouraged to attend the Practice Period Closing & Shuso Hosen-shiki Ceremony, in-person and on Zoom.

A collection of Norman’s essays spanning a life of inquiry into Zen practice, relationship, cultural encounter, and spiritual creativity.

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Everyday Zen Daily Sitting

Daily 30 minute sitting, 7:30-8:00 AM
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Meeting ID: 818 1405 8944
Passcode: Zazen (please note the upper case “Z”)

Our mission is to share the Zen attitude, spirit, and practice with the world. Guided by spiritual director and poet Norman Fischer, we are dedicated to listening to the world, to changing it and being changed by it. Together and each on our own unique paths, we endeavor to bring our spiritual practice into all aspects of our everyday lives.

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Dana, in Sanskrit and Pali, means generosity, or the practice of giving. In this spirit, Norman makes his talks available for download through this website for no charge other than a suggested donation, and all Everyday Zen workshops and retreats are offered at the lowest possible cost.

Please help if you can. We welcome financial donations of any size, at any time. We also encourage Norman’s students to consider making recurring monthly donations, which help generate a regular and reliable income to support Norman’s work and livelihood.