Information on ordering and
downloading audio files

Zoketu's talks are available for download in MP3 format. Offerings include individual dharma talks and series of lectures that accompany the Everyday Zen Study Guide. Please note: The sound quality is generally quite good, but these are not professional recordings.

If you cannot download MP3's from the Internet, the talks are also available by special order on CD format (see below).

For suggestions from Zoketsu on which talks to listen to, please see the Everyday Zen Study Guide.

Downloading MP3's

  • If a talk is available for download in MP3 format, the download button appears.

  • Click on the button to start the download.

    • Choose a folder to save the MP3 in, or make a new folder. You might want to give the MP3 file a more complete name, one that makes sense to you (ending in ".mp3").

    • Once the MP3 has finished downloading, you can listen to it using your preferred MP3 player. You might need to import the talk into your MP3 player library first.

    • Note: These MP3's do not have all the information filled in for Title, Artist, and so on. As soon as you've downloaded a talk, you might want to add this information, while you have the web page open. In iTunes, for example, select the talk, then use the "Get info" option under "file," and click the tab labeled" Info": you should see a form where you can add/edit information about the MP3.

  • Please consider making a donation of $5.00 per downloaded dharma talk, if your means allow.

  • To make a donation, use the "checkout" form. Enter the amount you wish to donate, then click on the button that says: "PayPal / Donate"

If you have trouble and need help downloading MP3's, please contact John Murray at: