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Teachings with title 'Meditation'

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Imagination - Seattle Insight Meditation Society 2015
Norman gives a talk on Imagination to the Seattle Insight Meditation Society.
Dec 31, 1969
The Heart of Buddhist Meditation
A classic by the pioneering and very learned German monk who was aware of contemporary Western needs. Very good book.
Nyanaponika Thera
Jun 01, 1973
Meditation on Emptiness
Very tough going. But some of Norman’s talks are based on a short technical section that is included. Probably a te...
Jeffrey Hopkins
Mar 25, 1996
Philosophical Meditations on Zen Buddhism
A wonderful though dense book contextualizing Zen thought in contemporary terms.
Dale S. Wright
Aug 28, 2000
Being Upright: Zen Meditation and the Bodhisattva Precepts
"'Being Upright'...takes us beyond the conventional interpretation of ethical precepts to the ultimate meaning that i...
Reb Anderson
Sep 01, 2000
Dharma Seminar Series, Spring, 2001 - March 6, 2001. Following a brief discussion of various meditation traditions, Z...
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Mar 06, 2001
Jewish Meditation and Buber
I said to him, "Does it make sense that God would make God'sself available only at weddings, bar mitzvahs, sunsets an...
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Nov 20, 2005
Dogen on Meditation And Thinking
Secondary text for the philosophically/academically minded: A sequel to "Eihei Dogen: Mystical Realist". Equally strong.
Hee-Jin Kim
Nov 09, 2006
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Sep 09, 2007
Meditation (Part 1 of 3)
First of a series of three workshops given for conflict resolution professionals at the Center for Mediation in Law.
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Oct 16, 2007