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Teachings on Judaism / Jewish Meditation

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Revelation and Conflict
At the May 2015 Makor Or Retreat, Norman Fischer gives a talk on Revelation and Conflict.
Dec 31, 1969
A Traveling Jewish Theater seder grace
A poem written spontaneously at the 1999 Benefit seder of ATJT.
Norman Fischer
Apr 23, 1999
Passover & Easter: Suffering in the Bible and Zen
Norman advises that suffering cannot be eliminated. He tells us we can find freedom within suffering and not by tryin...
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Apr 23, 2000
Our Lives a Garment
Talk to Makor Or Jewish community on Our Lives a Garment
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Jan 03, 2005
Readings from the Torah
Talk given to Makor Or Jewish community on Readings from the Torah
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Jan 06, 2005
Jewish Meditation and Buber
I said to him, "Does it make sense that God would make God'sself available only at weddings, bar mitzvahs, sunsets an...
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Nov 20, 2005
On fear, Days of Awe
One of the most basic facts about The Days of Awe is that they are awesome; it’s the time when we quake in our boot...
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Sep 17, 2006
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Sep 09, 2007
High Holidays
Talk on Jewish High Holidays
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Sep 09, 2007
Jewish Meditation Instruction - Elat Chayyim
Talk on Jewish Meditation Instruction
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Dec 31, 2007