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On Buddha's Politics
Buddha's politics began with the most important question: "Who am I? What is the self?" Zoketsu discusses how the Bu...
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Oct 24, 2005
The Self
Zoketsu asks, "What does it mean to be a person?" He also discusses the Kayagatasati Sutta, the discourse that descr...
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Oct 25, 2005
Letting Go
Our practice is letting go. Letting go is happiness. Zoketsu discusses the Sallekha Sutta from the Majjhima.
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Oct 26, 2005
Zen Mindfulness
Mindfulness is not a skill or the opposite of forgetfulness. It is a quality of being, a vow, a committment. Throug...
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Oct 27, 2005
One Love
Our practice is One Beautiful Love. Zoketsu discusses how mindfulness,living in the present moment, is the only time...
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Oct 28, 2005
Zen Forms
We do the practice of Zen forms to promote and extend awareness. When we de-emphasize the outer person through practi...
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Sep 30, 2006
Four Jhanic States
Zoketsu describes the four jnanic states of meditation.
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Sep 30, 2006
Great Teachers
Talk on Great Teachers in Zen
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Oct 23, 2006
Talk on Family
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Oct 26, 2006
A review of the teachings on zazen: posture, breath, and awareness.
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Oct 07, 2007