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Rohatsu and Loving Kindness Meditation - Talk 10 Mar de Jade Session 2016
Norman gives the tenth talk of the Mar de Jade 2016 Session on "Rohatsu and Loving Kindness Meditation".
Norman Fischer
Dec 07, 2016
Prajna Paramita - Talk 11 Mar de Jade Sesshin 2016
Norman gives the eleventh and last talk of the Mar de Jade 2016 Session on "Prajna Paramita".
Norman Fischer
Dec 08, 2016
Talk 01 - Book of Serenity Case 60, The Iron Grinder - Loon Lake Sesshin 2017
Norman Fischer presents the first talk for the 2017 Loon Lake Sesshin on Case 60, the Iron Grinder from the Book of S...
Norman Fischer
Nov 12, 2017
Talk 04 - Book of Serenity Case 29, Fengxue's Iron Ox - Loon Lake Sesshin 2017
Norman Fischer presented the fourth talk on the Book of Serenity - Case 29 - Fengxue's Ox to the 2017 Loon Lake Sesshin
Norman Fischer
Nov 15, 2017
What Is Buddhist Enlightenment - Talk 12 - Chapter 10 and Theses 05 - 10
Norman gives the 12th talk of "What is Buddhist Enlightenment" series to the Dharma Seminar
Norman Fischer
Nov 07, 2018
Talk 05 - Laura - Mar deJade Sesshin - December 2018
Laura gives the 5th talk at the Mar deJade Sesshin in December 2018
Dec 04, 2018