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Teachings with title 'paRAMITA'

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Bay Area One Day Sitting - August 2017 - Zen Stories about Prajina Paramita
Normal Fischer presents his talk on Zen Stories of Prajna Paramita
Aug 27, 2017
Zen stories about perfection of understanding -- Prajnaparamita
Normal Fischer presents a talk on the Prajnaparamita at Tassajara
Norman Fischer
Aug 16, 2017
Talk 6, Sesshin, The Bodhisatva Path (six paramitas)
Norman Fischer presents the sixth talk in the Sesshin on Samish Island - June 23, 2017
Norman Fischer
Jun 23, 2017
Talk 1, Sesshin, Prajna Paramita
Norman Fischer gives his first talk in the Sesshin on Samish Island--June 18, 2017
Norman Fischer
Jun 18, 2017
Prajna Paramita - Talk 11 Mar de Jade Sesshin 2016
Norman gives the eleventh and last talk of the Mar de Jade 2016 Session on "Prajna Paramita".
Norman Fischer
Dec 08, 2016
Shaking Up Despair or On Virya Paramita, Joyful Effort
At the EDZ Bay Area All Day Sitting on Sunday, March 20, 2016, Norman gave a talk on how to practice Joyful Effort in...
Norman Fischer
Mar 20, 2016
Mother Prajna Paramita
Chris Fortin and Sue Moon give dharma talks at the 2016 EDZ Women's Retreat on Mother Prajna Paramita
Chris Fortin
Sue Moon
Jan 30, 2016
Six Paramitas 2015 - Talk 9 - Guided Meditation: Six Paramitas
Norman gives the final talk of the 2015 Bay Area Practice Period as a Guided Meditation on the Six Paramitas
Norman Fischer
Nov 18, 2015
Six Paramitas 2015- Talk 8 Jeff Goldfien
Shuso Jeff Goldfien gives the eighth talk to the dharma seminar in the Six Paramitas 2015 series.
Jeff Goldfien
Nov 11, 2015
Six Paramitas 2015 - Talk 7 - Compassion
Norman gives his seventh talk in the Six Paramitas 2015 series on Compassion.
Norman Fischer
Nov 04, 2015