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On the Healing Psalms - Rabbi Aubrey Glazer - Makor Or
Rabbi Aubrey Glazer gives a talk on "The Healing Psalms" at Makor Or.
Jun 03, 2018
Psalms 16 and 32
Norman Fischer talks on Psalms 16 and 32 at Makor Or.
Norman Fischer
Jun 03, 2018
Guided Meditation - Makor Or - Basic Jewish Meditation
Norman Fischerr gives his talk on Basic Jewish Meditation
Norman Fischer
Dec 10, 2017
First Generation Western Zen Women - Talk 8 - The Whole World Is Our Home - Maylie Scott, Joanna Macy, Angel Kyodo Williams
Chris Fortin gives the final talk of the First GenerationWestern Zen Women series on " The Whole World is Our Home - ...
Chris Fortin
Nov 15, 2017
First Generation Western Zen Women - Talk 7 - Sister Chan Khong
Shuso Mary Ann Sacksteder giver the seventh talk of First Generation Western Zen Women series to the Dharma Seminar.
Mary Ann Sacksteder
Nov 08, 2017
Rebbe Nachman - Tale of the Lost Princess - Makor Or - November 2017
Norman Fischer presents his talk at the Makor Or day long retreat at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco - ...
Norman Fischer
Nov 05, 2017
First Generation Western Zen Women - Talk 6- 3 Teachers
Chis Fortin presents the Fifth talk in the 2017 Practice Period, on three teachers:Suzuki Roshi, Yvonne Rand, Blanche...
Chis Fortin
Nov 01, 2017
Bodhisattva Way - Chris Fortin - Talk 7 Santa Sabina Sesshin 2017
Chris Fortin gives the seventh and last talk of the Santa Sabina Sesshin 2017 on the "Bodhisattva Way".
Chris Fortin
Oct 28, 2017
Quotations - Talk 5 - Santa Sabina Sesshin 2017
Norman gives the fifth talk of the Santa Sabina Sesshin 2017 on "Quotations"
Norman Fischer
Oct 27, 2017
Shuso Talk - Mary Ann Sacksteder - Talk 6 Santa Sabina Sesshin 2017
Shuso Mary Ann Sacksteder gives the sixth talk to the Santa Sabina Sesshin 2017 focusing on life stories and her love...
Mary Ann Sacksteder
Oct 27, 2017