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Teachings by Norman

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Bay Area One Day Sitting - June 25, 2017
At the one day sitting at Nature Bridge, Norman Fischer presents his talk on the Poetry of Thomas Traherne.
Norman Fischer
Jun 25, 2017
Talk 5, Sesshin, Desire - Thomas Traherne Poem
Norman Fischer presents the fifth talk in the Sesshin on Samish Island.
Norman Fischer
Jun 22, 2017
Talk 4, Sesshin, On Vasubandhu's Thirty Verses
Norman Fischer presents his fourth talk at the Sesshin on Samish Island - June 21, 2017
Norman Fischer
Jun 21, 2017
Talk 3, Sesshin, Preferences - Blue Cliff Record - Case 2
Norman Fischer presents the third talk in the Sesshin on Samish Island. June 20, 2017
Norman Fischer
Jun 20, 2017
Talk 2, Sesshin, Nothingness in Jewish Mysticism
Norman Fischer Presents the second talk of the Sesshin on Samish Island. June 19, 2017
Norman Fischer
Jun 19, 2017
Talk 1, Sesshin, Prajna Paramita
Norman Fischer gives his first talk in the Sesshin on Samish Island--June 18, 2017
Norman Fischer
Jun 18, 2017
Vasubandhu's Thirty Verses - Talk 7
Norman Fischer presents the Seventh and final talk on Vasubandhu's thirty verses
Norman Fischer
Jun 14, 2017
On Nothing - Talk 2 - Jewish Meditation -Cochmat Halev
Norman gives his second talk at Cochmat Halev "On Nothing".
Norman Fischer
Jun 02, 2017
Poems About Nothing - Jewish Meditation (Cochmat Halev)
Norman reads his "Poems About Nothing" to Cochmat Halev.
Norman Fischer
Jun 02, 2017
Guided Meditation - On Blame 1 - SCIPI
Norman gives his first of two Guided Meditations "On Blame" to SCIPI.
Norman Fischer
Jun 01, 2017