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Teachings on general topics in buddhism

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Imagination Saves Lives - Jaune Evans - Talk 6 - World Could Be Otherwise
Jaune Evans gives the sixth talk in the Wold Could Be Otherwise series on "Imagination Saves Lives"
Jaune Evans
Oct 16, 2019
Perfection of Enthusiasm - Sue Moon
Sue Moon speaks on "The Perfection of Enthusiasm" to the Sky Island Zen group.
Sue Moon
Oct 02, 2019
Perfection of Patience- Chris Fortin
Chris Fortin speaks on the "The Perfection of Patience" to the Sky Island Zen group.
Chris Fortin
Sep 27, 2019
Song for the Earth - Chris Fortin - All Day Sitting June 2019
Chris Fortin gives a talk on "Song for the Earth " to the All Day Sitting June 2019.
Chris Fortin
Jun 30, 2019
On the Zen Meal Chant - Talk 1 Samish Island Session 2019
Norman gives his first talk to the Samish Island Sesshin 2019 "On the Zen Meal Chant."
Norman Fischer
Jun 17, 2019
Kindness, Gratitude & Friendship - ARobin Orden - Dharma Seminar 5-15-19
ARobin Ordin gives a talk on "Kindness, Gratitude & Friendship" to the Dharma Seminar.
A. Robin Orden
May 15, 2019
The Heart of the Way - Dharma Talk - Jaune Evans - Dharma Seminar 2019
Jaune Evans presents her Dharma talk, The Heart of the Way, after the occasion of Dharma Transmission, May 2019 -- U...
Jaune Evans
May 08, 2019
Way Seeking Mind - Dharma Seminar - 2019 - Talk 6
Allen Frazier presents his Way Seeking Mind to the Dharma Seminar of 2019
Allen Frazier
Apr 03, 2019
Way Seeking Mind - Dharma Seminar - 2019 - Talk 5
Laura T. presents her Way Seeking Mind Talk to the Dharma Seminar of 2019
Laura T.
Apr 03, 2019
Way Seeking Mind - Dharma Seminar - 2019 - Introduction Panel 3
Chris Fortin introduces the third panel for these talks of 2019 and talks by Suzuki Roshi on this practice.
Chris Fortin
Apr 03, 2019