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The Real Path
Norman Fischer explains why it’s suffering that gives us the incentive, vision, and strength to transform our lives...
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Sep 01, 2011
The Religion of Politics, the Politics of Religion
Whether we like it or not, our political life is now so dominated by religious perspectives that we must all particip...
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
May 01, 2005
The Rhetoric of Immediacy
The first and most important among Faure’s many works that completely re-conceive Zen history. Brilliant, erudite,...
Bernard Faure
Nov 19, 1994
The Second Gethsemani Encounter
Zoketsu reports back on the second interreligious dialog of Buddhist and Christian contemplatives at Gethsemani Abbey.
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Apr 18, 2002
The Self
Zoketsu asks, "What does it mean to be a person?" He also discusses the Kayagatasati Sutta, the discourse that descr...
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Oct 25, 2005
The Self - Talk 4 - Samish Island Sesshin 2016
Norman gives the fourth talk at the Samish Island Sesshin on "The Self".
Jun 22, 2016
The Six Perfections
A traditional Tibetan commentary to the Mahayana practice of the Six Perfections.
Geshe Sonam Rinchen
May 25, 1998
The Stain On The Sky
A beautiful essay by Susan Moon about vision and her father's blindness.
Susan Moon
Dec 12, 2007
The Strugglers
Norman Fischer's fourth book of poetry with Singing Horse Press.
Norman Fischer
Jan 10, 2013
The Strugglers - Poetry Book Reading - Arizona Poetry Center 2/13/13
Norman gives a book reading on his recent poetry book The Strugglers to the Arizona Poetry Center.
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Mar 13, 2013