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Teachings with title 'Case 6'

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Zhaozhou's Great Death - Case 63 Book of Serenity - Calgary Soto Zen
Norman speaks to the Calgary Soto Zen Center on "Zhaozhou's Great Death" Case 63 of the Book of Serenity.
Norman Fischer
May 31, 2020
Yunmen's Every Day's a Good Day - Case 6 Blue Cliff Record
Norman gives his fourth talk of the 2020 Stories from the Blue Cliff Record series on Case 6 "Yunmen's Every Day's a ...
Norman Fischer
Apr 22, 2020
Iron Grinder - Case 60 - Book of Serenity 2017
Norman gives the first talk of the 2017 Koan series from Case 60 of the Book of Serenity "Iron Grinder".
Norman Fischer
Nov 29, 2017
Talk 01 - Book of Serenity Case 60, The Iron Grinder - Loon Lake Sesshin 2017
Norman Fischer presents the first talk for the 2017 Loon Lake Sesshin on Case 60, the Iron Grinder from the Book of S...
Norman Fischer
Nov 12, 2017
Bodhidharma - Case 6 Transmission of the Light
Norman gives the sixth talk on Bodhidharma in the Transmission of the Light series to the Dharma Seminar. This is bas...
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Apr 17, 2013
"Enlightenment or Not"- Case 62 of the Book of Serenity
Norman speaks on the Koan Mi Hu's "Enlightenment or Not" Case 62 in the "Book of Serenity" Thomas Cleary edition.
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Nov 29, 2009
Enlightenment or Not - Book of Serenity Case 62
Norman speaks on the koan "Mi Hu's Enlightenment or Not" as found in case 62 of the Book of Serenity - Thomas Cleary ...
Norman Fischer
Nov 20, 2009