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Teachings on General Topics in Buddhism

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Practice Period Opening 2017 - Chris Fortin
Chris Fortin gives the opening talk of the Bay Area Practice Period 2017 with Susho Mary Ann Sacksteder at the All Da...
Chris Fortin
Sep 17, 2017
Bay Area One Day Sitting - August 2017 - Zen Stories about Prajina Paramita
Normal Fischer presents his talk on Zen Stories of Prajna Paramita
Aug 27, 2017
Zen stories about perfection of understanding -- Prajnaparamita
Normal Fischer presents a talk on the Prajnaparamita at Tassajara
Norman Fischer
Aug 16, 2017
Social and Communal Harmony - Talk 2 - August 2017
Jeff Bickner gives the second talk of the Social and Communal Harmony series to the Dharma Seminar.
Jeff Bickner
Aug 16, 2017
Social and Communal Harmony - Talk 1 - August 2017
Norman Presents the first talk on Social and Communal Harmony -- Right View
Norman Fischer
Aug 09, 2017
One Day Sitting - July 2017 - Face to Face
Norman presents his talk on Face to Face transmission to the one day sitting at the Headlands Institute.
Norman Fischer
Jul 23, 2017
Talk 6, Sesshin, The Bodhisatva Path (six paramitas)
Norman Fischer presents the sixth talk in the Sesshin on Samish Island - June 23, 2017
Norman Fischer
Jun 23, 2017
Guided Meditation - On Blame 1 - SCIPI
Norman gives his first of two Guided Meditations "On Blame" to SCIPI.
Norman Fischer
Jun 01, 2017
Guided Meditation - On Blame 2 - SCIPI
Norman gives his second guided meditation "On Blame" to the SCIPI.
Norman Fischer
Jun 01, 2017
Korean Buddhism and enlightenment fundamentalism
Normal Fischer's recent trip to Korea and his experience with Korean Buddhism
Norman Fischer
May 21, 2017