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Teachings with title 'zen'

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Ritual and Zazen - Escape This Crazy Life - Red Cedar Zen January 2021
Norman gives a talk to Red Cedar Zen on "Ritual and Zazen - Escape This Crazy Life" based on the poetry in his book "...
Norman Fischer
Jan 31, 2021
Zen Mind Beginner's Mind - For Lions Roar - November 23, 2020
Norman gives his talk on the Book 'Zen Miind Beginner's Mind on November 23, 2020
Norman Fischer
Nov 23, 2020
Lotus Sutra 2020 - Talk 3 - Upaya Zen Center - October 5, 2020
Norman gives his third talk on The Lotus Sutra 2020 series titled "Universal Inclusion" to The Upaya Zen Center.
Norman Fischer
Oct 05, 2020
Embodied Wisdom of the Ancestors - Sky Island Zen - One Day Sitting - August 22, 2020
Chris Forten presents her talk "Embodied wisdom of the Ancestors to guide and help us in these troubled times" at the...
Chris Fortin
Aug 22, 2020
Everything Changes; Nothing Remains the Same - Dharma Heart Zen - All Day Sitting August 16, 2020
Chris Fortin gives a talk at the Dharma Heart Zen All Day Sitting on the Life and Death teachings of Yvonne Rand. Yvo...
Aug 16, 2020
Working with Koans - Calgary Soto Zen - August, 2020
Norman gives his talk on 'Workign with Koans' to the Calgary Zen Center on August, 02, 2020
Norman Fischer
Aug 02, 2020
Basic Soto Zen Guided Meditation - Garrison Institute
Norman lead an on-line Guided Meditation with the Garrison Institute on July 18, 2020
Norman Fischer
Jul 18, 2020
Zhaozhou's Great Death - Case 63 Book of Serenity - Calgary Soto Zen
Norman speaks to the Calgary Soto Zen Center on "Zhaozhou's Great Death" Case 63 of the Book of Serenity.
Norman Fischer
May 31, 2020
Yunmen's Life Story - Zen Master of Blue Cliff Records
Norman speaks to the April All Day Sitting on "Yunmen's Life Story - Zen Master of Blue Cliff Records."
Norman Fischer
Apr 25, 2020
Dharma in the Time of Pandemic - San Francisco Zen Center - March 18, 2020
Norman gives a talk to the San Francisco Zen Center on "Dharma in the Time of Pandemic."
Norman Fischer
Mar 18, 2020