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Teachings with title 'practicing'

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Practicing with Prajna - Talk 8 - The World Could Be Otherwise
Norman gives the eighth talk in the series on The World Could be Otherwise for the 2019 Practice Period at the Dharma...
Norman Fischer
Nov 06, 2019
Practicing with Viyra Paramita - Talk 4 - Santa Sabina Sesshin 2019
Norman presents the fourth talk at the Bay Area 2019 Sesshin at Santa Sabina on Viyra Paramita
Norman Fischer
Nov 01, 2019
Practicing with Prajna - Talk 3 - Santa Sabina Sesshin 2019
Norman presents the third talk of the 2019 Bay Area Sesshin on Prajna at Santa Sabina
Norman Fischer
Oct 31, 2019
Practicing with the Six Paramitas at Sesshin - Talk 1 - Santa Sabina Sesshin 2019
Norman gives the first talk of the 2019 Sesshin at Santa Sabina on the Paramitas
Norman Fischer
Oct 28, 2019
Practicing With The Body - Chris Fortin - Talk 1 Santa Sabina Sesshin 2017
Chris Fortin gives the first talk to the Santa Sabina 2017 Sesshin on "Practicing with the Body".
Chris Fortin
Oct 24, 2017
Kleshas - Practicing With Our Defilements - Angela Center Session 2015 Talk 1
Norman gives his first talk at the 2015 Angela Center Session on Kleshas - Practicing with our Defilements.
Norman Fischer
Oct 27, 2015
Practicing Being Unbusy - Koans Tassajara 2011 Talk 8
Norman gives the eighth and last talk at the Koan workshop at Tassajara on Practicing Being Not Busy based on Case 21...
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Aug 18, 2011
Dongshan Is Unwell - Practicing With Illness
Norman speaks on the Koan Dongshan Is Unwell Case 94 of the Book of Serenity and how we practice with illness. This...
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
May 29, 2011
Practicing Together
Talk on Practicing Together. This talk is given in both English and Spanish and is part of the Sesshin at Mar de Jad...
Francisco Cinencio
Apr 16, 2008
Practicing Every Day Zen
In this talk, Zoketsu describes key attitudes and practices for studying and practicing Zen as in a committed way wit...
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Mar 01, 2001