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Teachings with title 'practice'

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Hermit Practice During the Pandemic - Talk 2 Mountain Rain Retreat 2020
Norman gives his second talk to the Mountain Rain Retreat 2020 on "Hermit Practice During the Pandemic."
Norman Fischer
May 03, 2020
Dogen's Continuous Practice Part Two - Talk 3 Loon Lake Sesshin 2019
Norman gives his third talk at the Loon Lake Sesshin 2019 on Dogen's Continuous Practice Part Two.
Norman Fischer
Nov 14, 2019
Dogen On Continuous Practice- Talk 6 - Santa Sabina Sesshin 2019
Norman presents the sixth talk, Dogen on Continuous Practice, at the Bay Area 2019 Sesshin
Norman Fischer
Nov 02, 2019
The Perfection of Generosity - Practice Period 2019 - Talk 2 - The World Could be Otherwise
Steve Gross, Practice Period Shuso, gives his first talk, and the second talk for the 2019 Practice Period, on the Bo...
Sep 25, 2019
Imagination - Practice Period 2019 - Talk 1 - The World Could be Otherwise, Chapter 1
Norman gives his first talk for the 2019 Practice Period on the Book "The World Could be Otherwise"
Norman Fischer
Sep 18, 2019
Opening Talk - Talk 1 - Practice Period 2019
Norman gives the Opening talk at the All Day Sitting for the opening of the 2019 Practice Period at Nature Bridge
Norman Fischer
Sep 15, 2019
Entering the Stream of Practice - One Day Sitting -- February 2019
Peter Van Der Sterre presents his talk on entering the stream of practice to the One-Day-Sitting at Nature Bridge
Peter Van der Sterre
Feb 24, 2019
Entering the Stream of Practice - One Day Sitting -- February 2019
Chris Fortin presents her talk on Entering the Stream of Practice at the One-Day-Sitting for February 2019 at Natur...
Chis Fortin
Feb 24, 2019
Six Subtle Dharma Gates #3 - Tassajara 2019 Winter Practice Period
Norman gives his third and last talk in his series on "Six Subtle Dharma Gates."
Norman Fischer
Jan 25, 2019
Taking Refuge In Buddha, My Own Material Body - Kathie Fischer - Tassajara 2019 Winter Practice Period
Kathie Fischer gives a dharma talk on "Taking Refuge in Buddha, My Own Material Body" to the Tassajara 2019 Winter Pr...
Kathie Fischer
Jan 24, 2019