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Teachings with title 'Mind'

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Mindfullness and the Bodhisattva Path - Insight LA - August 13, 2020
Norman gives his talk on 'Mindfulness and the Bodhisattva Path" to the Insight LA group on August 13, 2020
Norman Fischer
Aug 13, 2020
Rest in the Openness of Mind
Norman gives this Dharma talk at the SFZC (City Center)
May 23, 2020
Way Seeking Mind Talk - Javier Ledesma - Talk 8 Mar De Jade Sesshin 2019
Javier Ledesma gives the the eighth talk of the Mar de Jade 2019 Sesshin on his "Way Seeking Mind Talk."
Javier Ledesma
Dec 11, 2019
More Way Seeking Mind - Steve Gross - Talk 5 - Santa Sabina 2019
Steve Gross, Shuso for the 2019 Bay Area practice period, continues his Way Seeking Mind Talk at Santa Sabina
Nov 01, 2019
Wayseeking Mind Talk - Steve Gross - Talk 2 - Santa Sabina Sesshin 2019
Steve Gross as 2019 Sesshin Shuso, presents his "Way Seeking Mind Talk" to the Bay Area Sesshin at Santa Sabina
Steve Gross
Oct 30, 2019
Ghatikara Sutta: Ghatikara the Potter - #81, Kayagatasati Sutta: Mindfullness of the Body - #119 - Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha
Norman talks to the May All Day sitting on two sutras from the Middle Length Discourses of the Buddha: the Ghatikara ...
Norman Fischer
May 19, 2019
This Very Mind is Buddha - Mumonkan Case 30 - Mountain Rain Retreat May 2019
Norman gives a talk on "This Very mind Is Buddha" Case 30 Of the Mumonkan (Wumenguan, Gateless Barrier) to the Mounta...
Norman Fischer
May 04, 2019
Way Seeking Mind - Dharma Seminar - 2019 - Talk 6
Allen Frazier presents his Way Seeking Mind to the Dharma Seminar of 2019
Allen Frazier
Apr 03, 2019
Way Seeking Mind - Dharma Seminar - 2019 - Talk 5
Laura T. presents her Way Seeking Mind Talk to the Dharma Seminar of 2019
Laura T.
Apr 03, 2019
Way Seeking Mind - Dharma Seminar - 2019 - Introduction Panel 3
Chris Fortin introduces the third panel for these talks of 2019 and talks by Suzuki Roshi on this practice.
Chris Fortin
Apr 03, 2019