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Guided Meditation - On Blame 1 - SCIPI
Norman gives his first of two Guided Meditations "On Blame" to SCIPI.
Norman Fischer
Jun 01, 2017
Guided Meditation - On Blame 2 - SCIPI
Norman gives his second guided meditation "On Blame" to the SCIPI.
Norman Fischer
Jun 01, 2017
All Day Sitting - Part1 - Chris Fortin - March 19, 2017
Chris Fortin gives the first talk at the All Day Sitting at the Headlands Institute.
Chris Fortin
Mar 19, 2017
All Day Sitting Part 2 Peter Van de Sterre - March 19 2017
Peter Van de Sterre gives the second part of the All Day Sitting talk at the Headlands Institute.
Peter Van der Sterre
Mar 19, 2017
Three Aspects of Meditation - All Day Sitting February 19, 2017
Norman speaks on "Three Aspects of Mediation" to the February All Day Sitting.
Norman Fischer
Feb 19, 2017
Two Days After Inauguration - All Day Sitting 1/22/17
Norman talks at the All Day Sitting on " Two Days After the Inauguration".
Norman Fischer
Jan 22, 2017
Rohatsu All Day Sitting December 2016 - Bickner and Flaherty
Jeff Bickner and James Flaherty give the All Day Sitting Talk at the Headlands Institute for December 2016.
James Flaherty
Jeff Bickner
Dec 11, 2016
Sustaining Compassion - Metta Institute September 2016
Norman talks at the Metta Institute on "Sustaining Compassion".
Norman Fischer
Sep 30, 2016
Practice Period Opening 2016 - Talk 1 Training in Compassion
Norman and Shuso Jaune Evans open the 2016 Everyday Zen Practice Period and Norman gives his first talk on Training i...
Norman Fischer
Sep 25, 2016
Guided Meditation - Basic Meditation - Belonging to Everything
Norman gives a Guided Meditation on "Basic Meditation - Belonging to Everything" to the SCIPI group in September 2016.
Norman Fischer
Sep 02, 2016