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Teachings by Norman Fischer

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Laudato Si - Talk 2 Part 1
Norman gives the first part of his second talk on Pope Francis's encyclical on the environment "Laudato Si"
Norman Fischer
Aug 17, 2016
Mountains Are Mountains - Talk 5 - Samish Island Sesshin 2016
Norman gives his fifth talk to the Samish Island Sesshin 2016 on "Mountains Are Mountains".
Norman Fischer
Jun 23, 2016
About Nothing
Norman gives his third talk on June 21, 2016 at the Samish Island Session, "About Nothing."
Norman Fischer
Jun 21, 2016
Book of Serenity Case 30, "Dasui's Aeonic Fire"
On June 20, 2016 Norman gives the second talk of the Samish Island Sesshin,
Norman Fischer
Jun 20, 2016
On Zazen
Norman begins the 2016 Samish Island Session with a talk, "On Zazen," given on June 19, 2016.
Norman Fischer
Jun 19, 2016
Yangshan's Mind and Environment - Case 32 Book of Serenity
Norman gives his last talk of the Koans 2016 series on "Yangshan's Mind and Environment" Case 32 of the Book of Seren...
Norman Fischer
May 25, 2016
Dasui's Aeonic Fire - Case 30 Book of Serenity
Norman talks on the koan "Dasui's Aeonic Fire" Case 30 of The Book of Serenity.
Norman Fischer
May 18, 2016
Yaoshan Ascends the Seat - Case 7 Book of Serenity
Norman speaks on the Koan "Youshan Ascends the Seat" Case 7 in the Book of Serenity (Thomas Cleary edition).
Norman Fischer
May 11, 2016
Compassion Slogans Part 2 - Talk 3 Spirit Rock Compassion Retreat
Norman gives the third talk to the Spirit Rock Compassion Retreat on "Compassion Slogans Part 2".
Norman Fischer
May 07, 2016
Compassion Slogans Part 1 - Talk 2 Spirit Rock Compassion Retreat
Norman gives his second talk to the Spirit Rock Compassion Retreat on "Compassion Slogans - Part 1"
Norman Fischer
May 05, 2016