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Aravaipa Sesshin - Sky Island Zen - Bodhisattva Vows - Talk 1
Chris Fortin presents her talks on the Bodhisattva Vows to the Aravaipa Sesshin at Sky Island, Tucson Arizona - Talk 1
Chis Fortin
Mar 13, 2019
Going Home - Tassajara Winter 2019 Talk 14
Norman gives the 14th talk of the Tassajara Winter 2019 Practice Period on "Going Home."
Norman Fischer
Mar 06, 2019
Dogen's "The Point of Zazen" - Sesshin Talk 5 Tassajara Winter 2019 Talk 13
Norman gives a talk on Dogen's "The Point of Zazen" as the fifteen and final talk of the session and the 13th talk of...
Norman Fischer
Feb 14, 2019
Only a Buddha and a Buddha - Kathie Fischer - Sesshin Talk 4 Tassajara Winter 2019 Talk 12
Kathie Fisher gives a talk on "Only a Buddha and a Buddha" as the fourth Sesshin talk and the 12th talk of the Tassaj...
Kathie Fischer
Feb 13, 2019
Dogen's "Katto - Twining Vines" - Session talk 3 - Tassajara Winter 2019 Talk 11
Norman talk on Dogen's "Katto - Twining Vines" as the third talk of the Session and 11th talk of the Practice Period.
Norman Fischer
Feb 12, 2019
Koans - Kathie Fisher - Session Talk 2 - Tassajara Winter 2019 Talk 10
Kathie Fisher gives the second Session Talk (10th of Practice Period) speaking on Koans.
Feb 11, 2019
Diligently Care for and Collect Body and Mind - Hakusho Ostlund- Talk 1 Session- Tassajara Winter 2019 Talk 9
Hakusho Ostlund gives a talk on to "Diligently Care for and Collect Body and Mind" as the second Session talk (9th ta...
Hakusho Ostlund
Feb 10, 2019
On Buddha's Parinirvana - Tassajara Winter 2019 - Talk 8
Norman's gives the eighth talk at the Tassajara Winter 2019 Practice Period speaking on "Buddha's Parinirvana."
Norman Fischer
Feb 06, 2019
Six Subtle Dharma Gates #3 - Tassajara 2019 Winter Practice Period
Norman gives his third and last talk in his series on "Six Subtle Dharma Gates."
Norman Fischer
Jan 25, 2019
Taking Refuge In Buddha, My Own Material Body - Kathie Fischer - Tassajara 2019 Winter Practice Period
Kathie Fischer gives a dharma talk on "Taking Refuge in Buddha, My Own Material Body" to the Tassajara 2019 Winter Pr...
Kathie Fischer
Jan 24, 2019