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Teachings as part of Bay Area Practice Period

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Perfection of Patience - Shuso Steve Gross - Talk 5 - World Could Be Otherwise
Shuso Steve Gross gives the fifth talk based on the book of the Six Paramitas "The World Could Be Otherwise" by Norma...
Oct 09, 2019
Perfection Of Ethics - Precepts - Talk 4 - The World Could Be Otherwise
Norman gives his fourth talk on The Six Perfections on "The Perfection of Ethics based on his book on the Six Perfec...
Norman Fischer
Oct 05, 2019
Perfection of Generosity - Talk 3 - The World Could Be Otherwise
Norman gives the third talk on the Six Perfection on "The Perfection of Generosity "based on his book "The World Coul...
Oct 02, 2019
The Perfection of Generosity - Practice Period 2019 - Talk 2 - The World Could be Otherwise
Steve Gross, Practice Period Shuso, gives his first talk, and the second talk for the 2019 Practice Period, on the Bo...
Sep 25, 2019
Imagination - Practice Period 2019 - Talk 1 - The World Could be Otherwise, Chapter 1
Norman gives his first talk for the 2019 Practice Period on the Book "The World Could be Otherwise"
Norman Fischer
Sep 18, 2019
Panel Presentation and Discussion on "What is Buddhist Enlightenment"
Five senior teachers of Every Day Zen participate in a panel discussion on "What is Buddhist Enlightenment", moderate...
Andrea Jacoby
Chis Fortin
James Flaherty
Jeff Bickner
Sue Moon
Nov 14, 2018
What Is Buddhist Enlightenment - Talk 12 - Chapter 10 and Theses 05 - 10
Norman gives the 12th talk of "What is Buddhist Enlightenment" series to the Dharma Seminar
Norman Fischer
Nov 07, 2018
What Is Buddhist Enlightenment - Talk 11 - Chapter 10 and Theses 1 - 4
Norman gives the 11th talk of the "What is Buddhist Enlightenmen"t Series to the Dharma Seminar on Chapter 10 and The...
Norman Fischer
Oct 31, 2018
What Is Buddhist Enlightenment - Talk 10 - Chapter 9 and 10
Norman gives the 10th talk on "What is Buddhist Enlightenment" from Dale Wright's book of the same name speaking of c...
Norman Fischer
Oct 27, 2018
What is Buddhist Enlightenment - Talk 9 - Language in Zen Enlightenment
Norman gives the ninth talk in the "What is Buddhist Enlightenment" series on Chapter 8 of Dale Wright's book of the ...
Norman Fischer
Oct 24, 2018