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Teachings related to death / dying

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The Raw Spot
Norman gives a talk on The Raw Spot.
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Apr 23, 2009
Heart Sutra 2009 - 2 and Eulogy for Rabbi Alan Lew
This talk includes both the second talk on the Heart Sutra and a Eulogy for Zen Rabbi Alan Lew, Norman's close friend...
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Jan 14, 2009
Sejiki Ceremony - Birth, Death and Timelessness
Sejiki Ceremony - Birth, Death and Timelessness. This is the fifth talk of the St. Dorothy's Sesshin.
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Oct 22, 2008
Sailing Home - Green Gulch Book Talk
Talk by Norman on his new book "Sailing Home" Using the Wisdom of Homer's Odyssey to Navigate Life's Perils and Pitfa...
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Jul 06, 2008
Not Always So - Bellingham
"The point of the forms is to give us a way of feeling our lives more deeply--of doing our lives more intentionally."...
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Feb 29, 2008
Koans 2007 - Condolence Call
Koan on Condolence Call as found in Case 55 of the Blue Cliff Record translated by Thomas Cleary. This Koan deals wit...
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Aug 22, 2007
Land of the Dead
Talk on Land of the Dead referring to Homer's The Odyssey given at Samish Island Retreat 2007
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Jun 22, 2007
Teachings on Death (AYALA) 2006
Teachings on Death (AYALA) 2006
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Oct 27, 2006
The Art of Letting Go
"Losing. Letting Go. It's interesting right? The difference in nuance? Actually, I thought it was kind of funny. 'Los...
Ruth Ozeki
May 07, 2006
Truth of Suffering
Talk on Truth of Suffering
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Apr 28, 2006