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Teachings at Community Congregational Church in Tiburon

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Lotus Sutra 1 - Chris Fortin
Chris Fortin gives her first talk on the Lotus Sutra on Chapter 1 Introduction and Chapter 2 Expedient Means.
Chris Fortin
Mar 28, 2012
Student Talks on Religion 2 - Julie Freiberg and Eva Bovenzi
Julie Freiberg and Eva Bovenzi give an intimate talk on what religion means in their life.
Eva Bovenzi
Jullie Freiberg
Mar 21, 2012
Passover Intensive 2012 - Talk 2 - Seeing
Norman gives the second talk of the 2012 Passover Intensive on "Seeing".
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Mar 21, 2012
Student Talks on Religion 1 - Juane Evans and Tom White
Students Jaune Evans and Tom White each give a personal talk on what is religion in their own life experience. Part ...
Jaune Evans
Tom White
Mar 14, 2012
Tao Te Ching 4
Norman gives the fourth and final talk of Lao Tsu's classic The Tao Te Ching focusing on readings 60 thru 80.
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Mar 07, 2012
Tao Te Ching 3
Norman gives his third talk on Lao Tzu's classic Tao Te Ching. In this talk Norman focuses on writings 40 thru 60.
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Feb 29, 2012
Tao Te Ching 2
Norman gives the second talk on the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu.
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Feb 22, 2012
Tao Te Ching 1
Norman gives the first talk on Lao Tzu's classic the Tao Te Ching
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Feb 15, 2012
How Clinging to Gender Subverts Enlightenment - Rita Gross
Chris Fortin speaks on the second article by Rita Gross on "How Clinging to Gender Subverts Enlightenment" as publish...
Chris Fortin
Feb 08, 2012
Historical Consciousness of Buddhist History - Rita Gross
Norman gives the first talk on Rita M. Gross' essay on "Buddhist History for Buddhist Practitioners" as published in ...
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Feb 01, 2012