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Teachings at Mar de Jade

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Three Aspects of Meditation - Talk 5 Mar De Jade Session 2016
Norman gives his fifth talk at the Mar de Jade 2016 Session on "three Aspects of Meditation".
Norman Fischer
Dec 05, 2016
Three Poisons - Mar de Jade
Talk on three poisons within meditation and practice.
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Nov 30, 2005
Three Tresures - Laura del Valle -Talk 4 - Mar de Jade April 2014 Sesshin
Laura del Valle gives the fourth talk on The Three Treasures to the Mar de Jade April 2014 Sesshin.
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Apr 06, 2014
Time of Darkness - Talk 3 - Mar de Jade Sesshin Dec 2010
Norman gives a talk on a Time of Darkness at the Mar de Jade Sesshin Oct 2010.
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Dec 06, 2010
Training the Mind - Talk 1 Mar de Jade April 2011
Norman gives the first talk of the Mar de Jade April 2011 Sesshin on Training the Mind.
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Apr 10, 2011
Tying a Shoelace - Mar de Jade
Based on Carlos Castaneda (The Teachings of Don Juan) anctedote about tying a shoelace.
Daigon Lueck
Nov 30, 2005
Verse On Opening The Talk - Talk 2 Mar de Jade Sesshin April 2012
Norman gives his second talk on the Verse On Opening the Talk to Mar de Jade April 2012 Sesshin
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Apr 15, 2012
What is Buddha? - Rick Spencer - Talk 6 Mar de Jade Session 2016
Rick Spencer gives the sixth talk at the Mar de Jade Session on "What is Buddha?".
Rick Spencer
Dec 05, 2016
Work With The Invisible - Mar de Jade
Elaborates Suzuki Roshi's idea that "you are perfect just the way you are" and how we tend not to believe this wisdom.
Arlene Lueck
Nov 30, 2005
Working With Emotional Habits - Talk 7 Mar de Jade Dec 2012
Norman gives the seventh talk on Working With Emotional Habits to the Mar de Jade December 2012 Sesshin
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Dec 05, 2012