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Plática sobre emociones aflictivas. También se trata de la conexión entre Peter, Zoketsu Norman Fischer y Sojun Me...
Peter Schireson
Nov 30, 2005
Hindrances - Mar de Jade
Talk on the hindrances.
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Nov 30, 2005
History and Early Teachings - Mar de Jade
Talk on History and Early Teachings.
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Nov 30, 2005
Keep on Carrying It - Mar de Jade
Keep on Carrying It.
Grace Schireson
Nov 30, 2005
Jewish Meditation and Buber
I said to him, "Does it make sense that God would make God'sself available only at weddings, bar mitzvahs, sunsets an...
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Nov 20, 2005
On Generosity
Zoketsu discusses dana paramitta, the perfection of giving, the first and foremost of the six paramittas, or practice...
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Nov 06, 2005
Zen Mindfulness
Mindfulness is not a skill or the opposite of forgetfulness. It is a quality of being, a vow, a committment. Throug...
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Oct 27, 2005
Letting Go
Our practice is letting go. Letting go is happiness. Zoketsu discusses the Sallekha Sutta from the Majjhima.
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Oct 26, 2005
On Buddha's Politics
Buddha's politics began with the most important question: "Who am I? What is the self?" Zoketsu discusses how the Bu...
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Oct 24, 2005
Koans 2005 - Master Ma is Unwell (Sunfaced Buddha)
Koan on Master Ma is Unwell as published in the Book of Serenity #36 and the Blue Cliff Record #3. This koan reminds ...
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Oct 19, 2005