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Teachings on Women in Buddhism

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A Few Koans About Women
Koans from the upcoming collection, compiled and edited by Sue Moon and Florence Caplow, of Zen Koans about women.
Florence Caplow
Sue Moon
Oct 31, 2010
Being Bodies
Wonderful collection of personal essays on the body in practice.
Sue Moon
Aug 28, 1997
Buddhism After Patriarchy
A sophisticated and essential discussion of Buddhism from a feminist perspective.
Rita Gross
Nov 17, 1992
Buddhist Women on the Edge
Well-written, highly thoughtful essays from many contemporary female teachers and practitioners, exploring gender, cl...
Marianne Dresser
Aug 22, 1996
Feminism and Religion
Rita Gross’s reflections on the importance of a feminist approach to religious study and practice.
Rita M. Gross
Oct 31, 1996
First Buddhist Women: Poems and Stories of Awakening
A very important book. Translation and discussion of the poems of the Therigata, written by the first women to be ord...
Susan Murcott
Feb 14, 2006
Getting the Marrow by Doing Obeisance
The title of this essay is taken from a well known story, in which Bodhidharma asks four disciples to state their und...
Dogen Zenji
Oct 31, 2010
Iron Grindstone Liu's Feast - Talk 2 Zen's Women Ancestors
Norman gives his second talk on Zen Women Ancestors on Iron Grindstone Liu (and a brief talk on his new car).This ser...
Zoketsu Norman Fischer
Sep 05, 2012
Life and Teachings of Asan -Talk 8 Women Ancestors
Florence Caplow gives the eighth talk on The Life and Tachings of Asan for the Zen's Women Ancestor series. This seri...
Florence Caplow
Oct 24, 2012
Life and Teachings of Satsujo -Talk 7 Women Ancestors
Shuso Florence Caplow gives the seventh talk on Zen's Women Ancestors on The Life and Teachings of Satsujo". This se...
Florence Caplow
Oct 17, 2012