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SFZC Intensive: Intimate Discussions: On Dogen’s Zuimonki

Mar 02nd - All Day

March 2 – 20, 2021

SFZC Online on Zoom

Led by Zoketsu Norman Fischer and Sokaku Kathie Fischer

About the 2021 March Intensive

The writing of Dogen (1200 – 1253 CE), the founder of the Soto School in Japan, can be dizzingly complex, especially in his masterwork Shobogenzo/Treasure of the True Dharma Eye. However, Dogen was also an everyday Zen teacher to the many monastics who came to practice with him. Zuimonki is a record of Dogen’s informal oral instructions to monks as recorded by his first disciple Ejo. In this text we meet a softer and more down-to-earth Dogen, who offers practical advice and compassionate discussion. In this Intensive we’ll select readings from this text (available as a free online PDF*) for study and discussion, and we’ll keep and share personal practice journals of what we discover.

For more information and to register, please see the event page at the SFZC website.

Registration is due Thursday, February 25.