Mar de Jade Programs

Mar de Jade is a retreat center on the beach at Chacala, a small fishing village near Puerto Vallerta, Mexico. Here, Mexican and American students gather twice each year, in early December for the annual Rohatsu sesshin to celebrate Buddha’s enlightenment, and in mid-April for another long retreat celebrating Buddha’s Birthday. Retreats are bilingual. The Mexican sangha is growing and maturing, with many regulars who comes from all over the country.

Mar de Jade is a lovely spot, with excellent accommodations. The schedule affords time to swim and sunbathe, and it is a nice way to combine a good rest with intense practice It is also a wonderful place for spouses or children to accompany practitioners. Dr. Laura del Valle, a lay Zen teacher working with Zoketsu, is the founder and operator of Mar de Jade. She has for many years studied Dharma while taking care of the health of the villagers.

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