Company Time

A series of Buddhist retreats for people working in the business world, led by Zoketsu Norman Fischer & Marc Lesser.

Company Time is a gathering of people from diverse professions and occupations, and all realms of private, corporate, government, for-profit and nonprofit organizations, who are committed to helping each other develop an active sense of spiritual and ethical practice in our professional and personal lives. The Company Time series began in 1996 and has continued to meet several times a year, with many new, as well as returning participants.

The weekend retreats are devoted to the ongoing exploration of spiritual practice in the work place. How can we can apply our practice skillfully to real life work situations? How we can we, as individuals and as organizations, bring a grounded spirit of honesty, integrity, and clarity to the real world of work? Company Time retreats do not propose easy solutions, but do provide time and tools to address our questions in an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality. Based on the ethical precepts of Mahayana Buddhism, we share insights and ideas on how we can bring this spirit of honesty, integrity and clarity from our spiritual practice into our workplaces, and provide support for each other to take up our livelihoods in a wholehearted way.

Our schedule includes light yoga, gentle meditation, teachings, large and small group discussions, and time to enjoy a walk at Green Gulch Farm. Newcomers to Buddhist practice, and anyone working in the for-profit or nonprofit business world, in organizations of any size, are welcome to attend.

Marc Lesser is a Zen priest, business consultant and coach. He is available to lead group meetings for businesses, and to provide informal consultation with business leaders on spiritual issues. To contact Marc, or for more information, please see the ZBA Associates website.

Upcoming Events

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