Becoming a Student of Everyday Zen

Everyday Zen is grounded in the actual world we live in. We realize that people lead busy lives with family, work, and sometimes also political, social, or artistic commitments. Everyday Zen has no real estate to maintain, no temple to go to, no doctrine to advance. The center of the practice is your life, not somewhere else. We offer all our programs freely, with the hope that everyone will feel welcome to engage in whatever way works for their lives.

For those who want to bring the practice of Everyday Zen into the core of their lives we recommend the following:

  • Practice daily meditation practice at home: morning is the best time. (see Tim Burnett's On Sitting Every Day and Norman's Practicing Every Day Zen )
  • Attend a Dharma group in your area at least once a week.
  • Attend a long Everyday Zen retreat once or twice a year and make personal contact with Norman or one of the other Everyday Zen teachers in formal practice interview.
  • Stay in touch through the web site and by listening to audio recordings of Dharma talks.
  • Intentionally apply what you are learning in all phases of your daily life. Zen practice is every day all day long; not just meditation.
  • For those in the Bay Area, the weekly Dharma seminar and the monthly all day sitting are available. We recommend that people attend both or at least one of these two activities regularly.

The students of Everyday Zen are our most important treasure. You are talented energetic people who are daily changing the world through your many acts of kindness and skillful helpfulness, which you carry out in your family lives and through the important work that you do. Everyday Zen's mission is to change and be changed by the world. The main way it carries out this mission is through the many activities, small and large, of its students.