Buddhist site for research and study.

  • Access to Insight - Huge and well edited collection of Theravadin teachings and the Pali Canon.
  • Pronunciation Guide to the Chinese Zen Ancestors - Recordings of the proper pronunciations of our Chinese Zen Ancestors' names.
  • SotoZen-Net - Official website for the Soto Zen School, with a library containing translation of Shobogenzo Zuimonki, some short Zen stories, and manga biographies of Shakyamuni Buddha, Dogen Zenji, and Keizan Zenji.
  • Soto Zen Text Project - an initiative of the Sotoshu Shumucho to provide materials for the studyof Soto Zen. Includes many key Dogen fascicles.
  • Numata Center - Downloadable PDF of many Buddhist texts, including Nishijima/Cross translation of Dogen's Shōbōgenzō: The True Dharma-Eye TreasuryVimalakīrti Sutra, The Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarch, etc.

  • Shasta Abbey - Downloadable PDF of the Rev. Hubert Nearman translation of Dogen'sShōbōgenzō.

  • Digital Dictionary of Buddhism - A compilation of Buddhist terms, texts, temple, schools, persons, etc. found in Buddhist canonical sources, compliled by A. Charles Muller, Tokyo University.
  • Resources for East Asian Language and Thought - A. Charles Muller's index of on-line resource.
  • Zen Peacemakers - Roshi Bernie Glassman's collected translations with Maezumi Roshi, which include useful Japanese kanji of chants, sutras and the Genjo Koan.