A Prayer For This Time Being

Special gratitude to the first responders and dedicated Cal Fire Team protecting Marin, Sonoma and Napa, Contra Costa, Alameda, San Francisco and in all the  counties

Gratitude to the farmers and food service workers providing fresh foods and hot meals for thousands of public school children throughout CA and across the country

Gratitude to the grocery story workers and cashiers

Gratitude to the police and 911 operators who are offering us assistance and protection

Gratitude to the unnamed multitude of citizens who are donating funds to small family-owned restaurants who in turn are providing hot meals

Gratitude for all medical personnel – those on the front lines and those behind the scenes – risking their lives by providing round the clock care to coronavirus patients

Prayers for all the families gathered in Labor and Maternity centers in our hospitals to celebrate the miracle of birth and new life in a time of pandemic

Prayers to all the refugees jammed into camps who cannot go forward on their journeys or return home

Prayers for those who live in close quarters in institutions with no way to escape

Prayers for those who have sent their children alone across the Border living with the fears and grief of not knowing if they are safe or still alive

Prayers for those who are so vulnerable in their remote villages without food or access to resources, medicines, or safety of any kind

Sorrows and prayers for those who have died during this pandemic, may we bring comfort to families in grief and shock

Gratitude for the hospice workers and chaplains accompanying some of the dying by FaceTime on cell phones

Prayers and gratitude for those who work in funeral homes, the ones who are washing our bodies, the ones who are burying and burning those who have passed on already

Gratitude for the croaking chorus of tree frogs singing all night long in honor of spring rain

Gratitude for the tender messages sent by friends, family, neighbors and even strangers who pass us by on the road with a warm greeting and a smile

Gratitude for the equanimity we can bring forward and share in our lives, for the equality of heart-mind presence, for the dropping away of delusion and tyranny of pettiness, and prejudice and a life constrained by our preferences, by our suffering of needing to be ‘right’ instead of really just not knowing, just being human….

Gratitude for all of us sitting together on this ceremonial network of loving relationships and deep caring for the well-being of all beings.

Jaune Evans and Wendy Johnson
April 3, 2020