A Prayer for All of The Essential Workers

Let us say prayers for all Essential Workers,

For all the Essential Bodhisattvas who are hearing and responding to the cries of our whole world.

For all the Postal Workers touching and delivering our mail.

For all the Grannies and Aunties and Neighbors and Daycare guardians who are secretly caring for our little children at home while their Essential Worker parents must go to work.

For all the EMTs and Ambulance Caregivers, for the Fire Fighters and Police, all the Drivers transporting and receiving us – protecting our brothers and sisters and children and parents, our grandparents, our newborns, our homeless, our beloveds, our friends.

Prayers, prayers, and more prayers

For the Women and Men in hospital basements laundering sheets and blankets for those who are sick and dying.

For the Essential Cooks and Kitchen helpers who continuously feed and nourish everyone.

For the Floor Washers, the Garbage Collectors, the Ones Who Clean Up Our Mess.

Prayers to the brave Keepers and Tenders of Bodies, the Gravediggers, the Funeral Workers, the Ones Who Accompany The Dead.

Prayers for the Subway and BART Conductors, the Pharmacists, the Food Store Cashiers, the Essential Unloaders of All Boxes and Crates.

For all the School Teachers offering their lesson plans and their love to students online so they can continue with their current education and not fall behind.

For all the Maintenance Workers, Truckers, Line Workers, and Food Processors.

For all the Crop Pickers and Packers.

For all the Public Health Workers tracing and contacting, testing and reporting, doing their jobs despite heavy caseloads, despite improper tools and clear leadership.

Many prayers for the very essential Dr. Anthony Fauci, for all the Physicians, Nurses, Social Workers, ad Care Technicians who carry on despite the challenges.

Prayers, many many prayers, so many prayers for so many,

For all The Essential Workers, seen and unseen, watching over and holding all of us, all the time.

Essential Bodhisattvas arising in all ten directions

Hearing and responding to our cries in this pandemic world

Throughout all space and time.

Jaune Evans
May 10, 2020