Everyday Zen Prayers For All The Children 

This prayer for all the children and grandchildren,

All the babies newly born, and yet to be born,

All the future generations of children who will inherit our Mother Earth.

Prayers for all the Young Ones who will, perhaps, meet this moment of pandemic

As “The Great Turning’ (thank you, Joanna Macy) of planetary awareness,

A moment of Bodhisattvas Rising Everywhere,

A time of Reimagining The World Could Be Otherwise,

Serving and loving in new and old ways.

This prayer is for all our children, the abandoned and homeless,

The wandering waifs being trafficked as sex slaves and smugglers,

The escapees from violence, hatred, addiction,

The ones being shot in their schools or harassed by their neighbors.

This prayer of praise for all students graduating virtually,

Not walking across their stage of this life,

Not hugging each other for surviving and striving – for ‘making it ‘ –

Through their high school or college, their thick and their thin.

Today’s prayer to celebrate this Rite of Their Passage

In support of their deep hopes and grand dreams, their fancies and passions ,

Their breakthroughs and insights, their lives of belonging.

This prayer for them leading, with wisdom, compassion.

This prayer and all prayers for peace and well-being,

For all of our children, their laughter and loving—

Prayers being sent, in worlds ever more.

— Jaune Evans, May 20, 2020

  • From Dainei Appelbaum : Julia
  • From Jane Flint : Tessa
  • From Judy Fleischman : Sienna Rae Chafitz
  • From karendecotis : Yujun
  • From Dan Ringer-Barwick : Tomás
  • From Vera-Ellen Lanaro : Isabella
  • From Jaune Evans : jauneevans@gmail.com
  • From Beau : Ellen
  • From Anlor Davin : Micheline Davin
  • From Irene Borger : Maddy Ritter, Levon Ritter
  • From Laura Trippi : Mallory
  • From diana cohn : juliette
  • From Mariam : Connor Morley, Grace Morley
  • From Michael Gelfond : Julian and Eli
  • From Dustin Richard : Leanna Maeve
  • From zoe latham : Guinevere
  • From Anlor Davin : Margaret Yates
  • From Bruce & Carolyn : Heidi and Kaitlyn
  • From Irene Borger : Michael
  • From Meg McClaskey : Gordon,sarah
  • From Irene Borger : Enzo
  • From Anlor Davin : Paulette Berger
  • From Mary Ann Sacksteder : Mason
  • From Anne Johnson : Alice Marie
  • From Saul Rosenberg : Bryer
  • From Ty : Ona
  • From Elizabeth's iPadj : grady
  • From Tracy Grubbs : Emma Jane
  • From Vonna Smith : Trevor
  • From Bruce King : Lucy
  • From Laurel Vogel : Thoreau Lindstrom
  • From Maya Elrick to Jaune Evans (Privately) : Kobie, Dylan, Zoe
  • From Marianne Stefancic : from Marianne and Stan: Jai
  • From Jaune: Harvey Breault-Bennett