Eko for the April 25, 2020 All-Day Sit (on Zoom)

May we awaken Buddha’s compassion and luminous mirror wisdom,
Chanting the Enmei Jukku Kannon Gyo for Protecting Life,

we dedicate the merit, and wholeheartedly devote and entrust ourselves

to seeing each person and thing as a shining jewel in the vast web of

to hearing each sound as the cry of the universe calling us to wake up to love.

and to knowing the ancient pulse of the one heart beat of the world in the turnings of day and night,
and in the planet’s vibrant life force manifest in these wondrous spring days.

It is us and we are it.

And in these times we especially dedicate and devote our hearts and Bodhisattva vow

to those suffering, and dying, and to those who have died, with the covid virus,
and the fear, helplessness and heartbreak of their loved ones.

to those seen and unseen who are risking their lives to save us,
and to those whose labor supports and allows daily life to continue.

to those experiencing the pain and division of racial and socioeconomic disparity,

and to all ensnared in circumstances beyond their control who are struggling to survive .

With full and tender hearts we bow with gratitude to this path of living with and for all beings.

May all Beings find peace and healing through Buddhas W a y

All Buddhas , ten directions. three times..

— Chris Fortin