May 20, 2011 - on an airplane

by Norman Fischer | May 20, 2011 at 12:52 PM

I am typing this on an airplane on an ipad with a keyboard that attaches to the ipad.  on my way to vancouver, for weekend sesshin.  i have been reading a book about zen and post modern thought written by a professor, pub in 2000 so written in the 1990's, an eon ago.  on the machine is a string quartet of shostakovitch, the 8th, played by the sorrel string quartet, an all-woman group, that's recorded all shostakovitch's string quarters, I don't know how many.  they are very very good.  i have two of the cd's on my machine so i can listen to them while i am typing on ipad on airplane zooming up pacific coast.  this is how it is in these days.

the airplane TV is playing friday night lights, a show about texas high school football players.  it must be a serious show because the lighting is very dim and you can hardly see the actors.

post modern thought is very interesting to me.  people trying to think beyond the obvious and to make everything into a problem, into something mysterious.  well they are right that everything is a problem and is mysterious.

i am very charged up about about susan bee's upcoming show at a i r gallery on front street in brooklyn.  it's called "recalculating" (the way your gps recalculates when you've lost your way).  opening is later this month, probably in a few days.  go see this show!  the paintingss are great, clear and pure and simple.  you can see some of them online.

i plan to go see the show on june 11, saturday, when at the gallery charles bernstein (who's a brilliant kind pal of mine and is susan's husband) will be having a book event probably for his new book "attack of the difficult poems," which i just read.  this is a great book!  you must read this book!  it will provide you with an education about what is happening, has been happening, in the world of post modern poetry and why it is important for everyone to pay attention to it, important socially, personally, religiously.  also very funny (the book is funny) and brilliant and a pleasure to read.  i was sad when i finished it, but well, isn't this always what happens.

4 pm.  i will be coming down from garrison from the buddhist teachers meeting that's being held there, ending that morning.  so i hope i can make it in time.

giving a talk the next night (june 12) at brooklyn zen center, my favority zen center.  on zhaozho's dog and the two sides of our practice.  you must go there!  go to the brooklyn zen center!  i'll see you there.


Norman Fischer