May 12, 2011, Muir Beach

by Norman Fischer | July 12, 2011 at 12:53 PM

Ruth sent me this link to blog of a Japanese nurse who went to help with disaster relief in March, after the quake and tsunami. 

Very sad stuff, but more than sad, stark.  When stuff like this happens here far away from it you don't know what to think, you go numb, anxious, guilty that this is going on and you can't do anything about it. Agonizing.  

But this person did do something.  She says in the beginning she's not a saint.  Doesn't sound like a saint, sounds like a person.  

I confess that I have no objectivity when it comes to Japanese people.  Don't know why I feel this way, there's no reason for it, but I have such affinity for the Japanese way of seeing and being in the world - so simple it seems to me, with a humanity and delicacy and beauty that seems completely natural, not forced, and it is everywhere evident in the tone of this blog, as it is in so much Japanese literature.  

The news of Japan is already fading (unless you watch, as I do, the Japanese news in English on Public tv) out of our tiny attention span.  But tv and radio don't actually tell you what's going on anyway, they are essentially deceptive (or, at least, they tell you what is real in tv format, not live format).  Maybe there is no way to know what it's like there- or in south's recent tornadoes or current Mississippi flooding.  It ends up being mostly projection and fantasy.  Read this blog for a dose of something else, a person-eye view.  We need to know about this stuff!


Norman Fischer