Lets do some philosophy now to music

by Norman Fischer | January 26, 2015 at 1:02 AM

Lets do some philosophy now to music
OK the first thing is to consider to reconsider
the obvious, say, love, or no, say the flat
of the palm of my hand that it is
plain or that there’s a plain plane
on which it rests, that is, the one whose
hand it is or by now was, the flat

of the palm of it

the palm of it

the plan of the plane or the plain palm of it

there’s a poem on this written somewhere
online I know there is why write it again when I
can simply google it, copy and paste it in here which might be
more trouble than just recreating it now
like Pierre Renard and Don Quixote
Striking with pure tone the correct high notes
And the subsequent problem of not enough energy
To push along the pencil stubs of scorn, the
Flattened pen nibs of vituperation
Necessary to configure a string of curses emphatic enough
To express my dismay (panic even)
At the basic ordinary state of things
That we all endure on a daily basis

As if it were normal.

Well it’s not!

I do not accept, refuse to define,
And that is my right as a poet temporarily

As for you, dear reader, I leave you to your
even supposing you are reading this poem
What do you know of me? Whatever it is
It is of necessity completely your own sorry problem

Thus we remain
Philosophically isolated
A typical a priori type of disaster
According to any theory you want to employ
Yet at the same time straining toward
Illusory satisfactory closure
We can only find supposedly

in words

the problem in trying to communicate
with another person by means of words

even admitting the use of grunts, cries, and other gestures
is that it’s all misleading, even misguided
since what anyone needs anyone to mean
By what anyone says isn’t what the

Sayer can say

the sayer can say

and so

with so much saying
and so much more saying
that’s like little puffy clouds
above their heads
as they hurl their heads to the floor
hoping for better results than they will get
they say then this and that vehemently, desperately
and the resultant umbrage taken
Is big enough to drive a Mack truck through

yet a truck

when dressed with the right spices

The proper spices

Is a marvelous thing …

A truck is a marvelous thing



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Norman Fischer